Hello all:

I am Antonio de la Ossa, Managing Director of de la Ossa Consulting. I worked as a freelancer at the AEAT for more than 25 years, in the Customs and Excise Dutiesfield, covering various positions in which I believeI hadimportant responsibilities over the Canary Islands, Catalonia and Madrid. I was also previously employed as a postman, while I was studying Law in Murcia, and thenas a CEO in a small freight forwarding company.

A year ago I embarked on the path of consulting services, in which I already possessedconsiderable international experience, as I had been a customs expert at the International Monetary Fundfor more than 15 years.

I was born in Cehegín, a lovely small town in Murcia, and I studied there until I was 18. I’m the son of the local postman, Gaspar de la Ossa Guirao. From the age of 18 I studied Law and then, after a short experience as a university teacher, I went on to prepare for the State Finance Inspector examination, which I passed on 23rdFebruary 1989.

Since then, I have gone through what I pointed out above,up to the present.And now I’m facing the biggest challenge of my career: being self-employed and create fair employment according to principles of ethics, legality and sustainability.

Let me introduce de la Ossa Consulting:


We assist and support companies in every aspect of the International Trade, we help themto beself-confident in their operations and to keep clear of the risks involved in foreign trade operations.

We train people in foreign trade matters, along with new technologies, so that they can develop a successful professional career.

We promptly and accurately attend toany query that may arise concerning this sector.

We audit companies’ International Trade Departments, helping them to achieve excellence.

We provide technical assistance, through the Monetary Fund and the World Bank, on customs issues to a variety of Latin American countries.


We are committed to the values of Safety, Planning, Ethics, Compliance with Regulations, Sustainability and Integrity; and we make an effort to involve also our Clients and Partners.


We seek to makede la Ossa Consultingalead training centre in the field of international trade, by consolidating a comprehensive training programme that covers all sectors of international trade.

We seek to strengthen and extend assistance to other regions of the world together with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and to become lead consultants for SIECA (Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration), the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) and the Development Bank of Latin America.

We seek to consolidate an origin-to-destination model of assistance by implementing a system of correspondents integrated into our own network

We work to make the business model for the auditing of foreign trade departmentsbecome a solid model with a future


We want to establish a clear line of sustainability at de la Ossa Consulting, together with our clients and partners, to provide job opportunities to people with different abilities and allocate 2% of our resources to social responsibility projects in the city of Barcelona as a commitment to the neighbourhood, in the area of Spain as a commitment to the country, and in international projects as a commitment to solidarity.