Excellence in customs and foreign trade advice and consultancy
Over 25 years of international experience in Customs and Excise Duties matters and in Foreign Trade.

Antonio de la Ossa is an expert in Customs and Foreign Trade. Among other responsibilities, he held the position of Chief Executive Officer of Customs at the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT), as well as of Head of the Regional Units for Customs and Excise in Catalonia and the Canary Islands.

He is also a Customs Expert for the International Monetary Fund and for the World Bank in the Latin America area.

He is currently a Partner of Morison ACPM and founder of delaOssaConsultores.


We provide you with our proven expertise in Customs, Excise Duties and Foreign Trade matters. We offer you as well our team’s experience in technologies applied to the International Trade, and experience in control of business management during the internationalisation process.

We assist you in the challenges you face in your business operations, with techniques and knowledge that create value and certainty for your business.

Our consultants provide support to International Organizations and Government Agencies in the fields of international trade (promotion of international trade in special areas), e-commerce, design of risk analysis systems for customs, and implementation of breakthrough technologies (AI, 5G, Blockchain, etc.).

Comprehensive customs and foreign trade advice and consultancy


  • Customs Decisions / Authorisations
  • Accreditation as an Authorised Economic Operator, and customs risk management auditing for business partners of the AEO
  • Tax/customs planning of foreign trade operations

Legal assistance

  • Advisory services regarding the implementation of customs regulations (tariff classification, rules of origin, customs value, special procedures and preferential schemes), and of other regulations (Health, Pharmacy, CITES, SOIVRE, etc.)
  • Legal support in commercial law
    • Assistance and advice on the drafting and/or negotiation of contracts (distribution agreements, INCOTERMS, etc.)
    • Advice on negotiation and/or settlement of possible disagreement or conflicts, by means of alternative dispute resolution methods, as well as, where appropriate, arbitrations or litigations before the competent courts
  • Legal representation in customs inspections and litigations (administrative and judicial assistance)
  • Specialisation in foreign trade taxation for Ceuta, Melilla, the Canary Islands and Andorra


  • Personalised legal assistance for the management of regulatory compliance in customs and regulatory matters.
  • Personalised customs alerts, aimed at foreign trade operators

Technology consultancy


  • Consultancy for the implementation of advanced technological solutions, suited to the customs management


  • Support in obtaining state aids for the development of projects involving advanced digital solutions


  • Comprehensive support on e-commerce in customs matters
  • Consultancy on interoperability in the logistics chain (XML Messaging, Logistics as a Service (LaaS))


  • Our proposal involves a detailed diagnosis of the company situation in preparation for the decision-making process, including the management of organisational communication channels as well as the creation, explanation and improvement of the variables that affect the economic outcome.


  • Training in the customs field as well as in the emerging technologies related to the international trade field: Blockchain, IOT, Machine Learning, Logistics as a Service (LaaS), etc.
    • In-company training and organisation of seminars
    • Design and creation of MOOC courses aimed at boosting the performance and career of professional teams
    • Special courses on customs risk management focused on the requirement of business partners’ control for the Authorised Economic Operators


Importers and exporters in the following sectors:
Bonded terminals and warehouses
Freight forwarders
Customs agents
Customs decision holders
Business associations
Professional groups
Sectors of Logistics Activities and similar
E-commerce operators
International transport companies
Public Entities for the external promotion of Autonomous Communities


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Pacorini Group

Escuela Europea Intermodal Transport

Steel Trade


Grupajes de Alicante






The opinion of our clients is the most important

CofrutosJose Antonio Verdejo
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“We are very grateful for the services provided by Delaossa consultants in the management carried out before the Madrid Customs Tax Agency, in which everything was resolved favorably and quickly”.
Escuela Europea Intermodal Transport
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“Antonio De La Ossa and his team bring us a holistic view of the complex world of International Trade and Customs. His deep knowledge of legislation and procedures allows us to understand operations down to the smallest detail”.
Steel trade
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“The projects carried out by Steel Trade Iberia together with Antonio de la Ossa professional team have been a success. They stand out for the professionalism and good work of Antonio, who is always seeking the quicker and most efficient solutions”.
LogipointJuan Kreff. CEO of Logipoint
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“I am fortunate to work closely with Antonio, and counting on his advice on customs matters delivers a great peace of mind. Undoubtedly, his figure is part of our DNA and it’s the key to a well-balanced business. His vision represents a valuable contribution to any customs project”.
Emicela Sergio Arencibia. chairman of Emicela
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We would like to express our great satisfaction for the services provided by the Morrison executive team. We would like to highlight their efficiency and professionalism. At all times they have attended to our queries, and have offered us the advice we required with the utmost speed.
Grupajes AlicanteFernando Morote. manager of Grupajes Alicante
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“Their services have been excellent and fundamental for our work to be to carried out with the different Spanish Administrations. Their company is -and has proven to be- one of the most reliable in the market, which is why we will continue to benefit from their services in the future, since doing so will confirm us as one of the leading companies in our sector”.


We seek to create relationships of mutual trust and synergy that endure over time together with and among our clients, partners, associates, entities, and also with all those who put their trust in us, or to whom we deliver our products.

We want to thank our clients and those who have contacted us to request our services.
We are proud to have grown with them and to be able to currently have a range of high-level collaborators who give us hope to face the future.
Good morning and good luck.